We create one-of-a-kind experiences of tech art with global artists for various commercial and public spaces.




TECHxARTISAN is an interdisciplinary technology creative studio, is also a group of designers, planners, makers and technical experts who love cutting-edge technologies.

We are curious about technology.

We do not stop at just imagining, do more than thinking about design, but also create things by our own hands.

We believe that thinking and practising are equally important in actualising high-quality creative works.

We also believe in “technology for good”. We enjoy in creation with artists through our own understanding and application of technologies, to bring unique and meaningful experiences to people.


Tech. art exhibition planning, experimental art creation, interactive art installations in public and commercial spaces, customized interactive hardware and system development, LED lighting installation, 3D modeling and production, PCB board design and production, AI image analysis algorithms, IoT technology application etc.




docker是一款流行的应用程序开发,发布和运行平台。Docker 能够帮助你将应用程序与基础架构分离,以便快速交付软件。